Mittwoch, 7. April 2010

let's start it

ok, how i start my blog? as the title says, its all about glamour and love. so what u'll find on my blog is what it's glamour to me and all the things i love.

well, let's start with fashion.....what else;) fashion is my profession and that's my big luck. or should i say: be happy, you are in fashion? I am! 8-10 hours daily. it's hard work but i had the possibility to choose and to get the job i always wanted. thus that i work sometimes up to 70 hours a week it's not as worse as it sounds;) and even after work i don't have enough. i started a few weeks ago with polyvore. my best friend told me about and i was addictet in a min:) lets see my fav set i mad till now:

you like it?;) if you wanna see all of my sets, click here

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